My dear Aunt Madam recently told me that I should start a blog since, she said, “you are such a good writer and there are things happening in your life that we would all enjoy reading about.” Aunt Madam has always been one whose compliments and suggestions I take seriously because she knows what she is doing and is sincere in what she says, so I knew I had to respond to her comment . . . and soon. My first thoughts were, “What would I say in a blog? Could I write so that all interested parties would benefit? This wouldn’t somehow hinder my chances with future employers, would it? How long could I keep it going?” Fortunately, I had some good examples from some cousins who had already started their own blogs. I saw how their blogs helped their families stay up-to-date on various happenings as well as maintain their close family bond. I took note of  how often they posted and what topics they chose to write about. I also noticed how well their personalities and own voices came through on the page—or, rather, screen. How nice it was for me, personally, to feel a part of the lives of relatives whom I respect and admire.
So, I suppose I will begin with my first installment and see where it leads. This will not, however, take place of actual hand-written letters (yes, we are a bit old-fashioned) between those of us who still prefer to wield a pen. Hopefully this will simply enlighten you a bit and add a bit of joy to your day.
As Ringo Starr once said: “And . . . here we go.”