“The basement [in the home growing up] was always a fun place, and indeed I was very upset when my father plastered in the holes in the wall where we used to go to talk to Mr Who-Who. This was in the interior wall, not the rock foundation wall. We also used to do spook alleys down there at Halloween, and Mother would hang wash down there in the winter as we had no dryer in the 50’s. The shelves were always loaded with bottles of canned fruit and vegetables. And then there was that storage bin at the bottom of the stairs that had skates and winter boots in it of various sizes. Each year when the snow arrived, we would search through it for something that would fit. I was interested to hear that [Madam’s nephew] did not have access to the basement during his visits. Perhaps the kids were banned because his parents were concerned about the rather challenging steps. There was never anything dangerous stored down there. Did you know that the house also didn’t have a furnace in it when I was young? It was quite cold upstairs during the winter. The downstairs rooms had stoves in them for heat, but we took bottles of hot water with us when we trudged upstairs to bed. Lots of memories.”