Great-Grandpa raised his own calves for food. Your FAL, being the tender-hearted woman she is toward furry four-footed friends, refused to eat meat from a calf she knew. She particularly remembers a calf aptly named “Blackie.” When she visited and Great-Grandpa would serve beef, she would demand to know, “Is this Blackie? You know I won’t eat Blackie.” And Great-Grandpa would reassure her with, “No, you don’t know this one.” One day Great-Grandpa told Your FAL to go get some beef from the freezer for dinner, and Your FAL obliged. When she opened the freezer, she saw each piece of meat wrapped in paper bearing a name and a date. As these animals were for sustenance, the names did not really matter to Great-Grandpa. Your FAL may not have known all of those calves, but she learned at that time that they had all been named, “Blackie.”