One day Divine Miss Mae got a visit from a friend in which this friend announced that she was going to get a tattoo. To add some perspective, Divine Miss Mae believes that thdmmae.jpgere cannot be a single symbol that best represents who you are better than your  own beautiful, natural appearance, so she sat in shock as her friend proceeded  to describe what her desired tattoo would look like. The full–color image  would include flames going up the arm ending in leopard spots covering the  shoulder. Divine Miss Mae tried to convince her friend that ten years from  now, she may think differently about her decision for such a tattoo, but to no  avail. Finally, in a desperate yet inspired moment, Divine Miss Mae faced her friend and said, “If you get that tattoo, I’m not going to the same old folks home as you. Because I’m not going to be the one sitting next to you who’s always saying, ‘Look what you did to your skin!’” Whether it was the idea of being alone or the image of leopard spots and flames on wrinkly skin, this comment made Divine Miss Mae’s friend seriously reconsider her decision and convinced her to abandon the tattoo. To this day, she thanks Divine Miss Mae for standing up to her and literally saving her skin.