As April is National Poetry Month (according to various sources, like the local King’s English bookstore), I thought I’d share some fun trivia quizzes that I stumbled upon. (Beware: We teachers start searching the internet for lesson ideas and we come across all kinds of things!)

So! Test your know-how! These are some of the quizzes that I did, but the site has all sorts of areas to pursue, and it looks like you can write your own, if you are so inclined. Take a look! Feel like the BMOC scoring 8 out of 10 and correctly answering those questions that 46% of test-takers got right! Challenge yourself and take those tests marked “Difficult” or “Impossible” and laugh at yourself as you get one, count it, ONE answer right! Once you’re at the site, you’ll see on the right a choice between the HTML quiz (see all the questions at once and, for you second-guessers, change your answers as much as you want before submitting) or Flash quiz (one question at a time, kind of like the computerized GRE, and no changing your answers but you know immediately if your answer is right or wrong). Click one and off you go!

NO CHEATING! No looking up answers in a new window or tab on the internet. And, Flash users, no starting the test over again because you found out you got an answer wrong and you think you can start over again by filling in the correct answers as you go. Be honest. Take chances and make mistakes like the rest of us. You cheat, you fail. No make-ups, excuses, or whining. Good honest work takes time, courage, sweat, and all the other powerful stuff you’ve got. There are no shortcuts. 

Have fun! And tell me, how did you do?

Time for Rhyme (Fun with poetry! Do you recognize these lines? Time to put that English class knowledge to work!)

Pooh Bear and Philosophy (Does it count if I recognize almost all of the philosophers mentioned here? Apparently not. This was my big score of one. But this is a fun one!)

Lovey-Dovey (All about . . . love. Some fun info on origins.)

Words and Symbols of English Language (What trivial stuff do you know? Hint: some of our scriptural knowledge comes in handy here. Try it out!)

Bonus points for you: I quoted two different teachers in this post. Who are they and where did I quote them? I expect to see your results on my desk at the beginning of our next class period. Enjoy!