Ladies and gentlemen, you are reading the post of the new English teacher at the Buffalo’s high school! A fantastic place, quite large so that it seems more like a mini campus. The Buffalos are located in a quickly thriving city with a new high school being built in a city nearby, to be opened in ’09. My principal will go to that high school with my assistant principal becoming head man at the Buffalos’ school. Both men conducted my interview and they were great. The atmosphere of the school was fantastic and I loved it. My friend, who was one of my recommendations, told me today that the principal contacted her after our interview, and she knew he was serious because he talked to her for a good 15-20 minutes. (Be warned, folks! They are serious about checking your references!!) She told him he’d “be sorry” if he didn’t get me. (Great, fine lady! Could unreservedly return that compliment.)

So the interview took place on a Monday, and by Wednesday I got the call saying they wanted me for the job! Hooray! I loved how they focused all their questions on students and their learning, not entirely on me. And these are the folks that loved the humor during my interview! And actually want it in the classroom! Wow.

After I hung up the phone I squealed and danced all day. Huge smile. So! I expect everyone to do a dance for joy, similar to the Daffy Duck “whoo hoo whoo hoo!” dance (which I would link to but can’t seem to find). Though I suppose you could link here to see another glimpse of my adrenaline rush.

So! One year and twelve interviews later! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!