So, school starts officially on Thursday for this new teacher, and it should be interesting as the only thing I have in my classroom are student chairs. Apparently it takes more than the three months we gave certain businesses to send student tables, a teacher’s desk (because it locks) and chair (for obvious reasons), a filing cabinet (see teacher’s desk), and a computer (on which we do all our business). But we have chairs! And, now that I arranged the chairs, it looks more like a classroom, albeit one that is more set up for lecturing (or Sunday school, since it is in a former seminary building). But never mind that! I have a classroom! With a board, a clock, two (working) locking cupboards, and a projector hooked up to video machines. AND a podium with hook-ups for a computer. Very cool. HOORAY for a job! These first days should be interesting. At least we can group, regroup, and un-group easily with just chairs to worry about. So, here we go for some fun!