We have made it through the first week of school, which included the arrival of tables (!), my computer (hooray for the ability to take roll and get important school info), and my filing cabinet. Still waiting for my desk, which one of my students actually noticed the absence of one morning. (“Hey, Ms. E, where’s your desk?”) He probably noticed that I don’t actually sit down anywhere; I continuously walk around the room monitoring my students’ progress. A couple of students were muttering about this to each other by the end of the week (“She’s always there!” “I know! She does it all period!”), apparently annoyed that they couldn’t get away with . . . whatever. 

Among the ordinary first week stuff, I’ve experienced the following:

1. Lunch room duty, in which I feel a bit like a warden walking along the railing of the upper hall while keeping an eye on the students in the lunchroom below.

2. Assembly schedule, which is already a crazy bell schedule, and in this case was more so as we had two assemblies in one day, one for the 9th graders and one for the entire school. The 9th grade assembly was interesting. It had some vague but uplifting title and consisted of a movie (rather than a lecture; smart move) with a rockin’ soundtrack and movie clips which delivered various “change your life” messages. All good messages, mind you, but I felt like they crammed a lot of info into one production which succeeded in making me feel bombarded and unsure of what I was supposed to feel as I left. (Were they trying to tell me they loved me, to serve others, to not do drugs, or that riding dirt bikes was cool?) And the whole thing started with . . .

3. A girl fight. Complete with nails, hair, and blood. And suspensions. All in the gym before the aforementioned assembly started. And it wasn’t even 9:30 a.m. And I think one of them was one of my students. Sigh.

Now for some fun things: a few of my fine students entertained us by performing their favorite love songs for the class, including a trio which performed a Justin Timberlake thing. And two of my fine students found out that if they toss the pencil hard enough, the tip of it will stick in the tile ceiling. How cool is that! Check it out for yourself! Then look over at the teacher with that “Oh wow! Did you see that!” expression on your face and wait for her to say, “What now?” before you simply look up at the ceiling above your desk in awe. Watch as she makes the split decision how hard to laugh before telling you that, this one time, you can stand on the table to retrieve your pencil. Ahh, kids.

I love it!