Fine, dear cousin.

TV shows: Amazing Race, Chuck, House, Heroes, Masterpiece Mystery, TV’s Craig Ferguson, old Simpsons, Jeeves and Wooster

Restaurants: Good ones. Ditto Ms. Nation’s and The Lion House, Maddox, Cannella’s, Pizza Factory (breadsticks), Marri’s in CA, Italian Village in Chicago, bakeries.

Happened yesterday: I can remember that? I want to remember that? Let’s see . . . went to school (hooray for Fridays), went out for burgers, made room for Christmas stuff (yea!!), listened to sweet kids singing Christmas songs in my car, sang along, wished for snow, got myself and the family invited to German Club’s Christmas party, and Elder Wirthlin’s funeral which I wished I could hear but could not. However, because of said funeral der Meister got off early so he was able to hear his cuties sing (because having at least one of your parents come to your events is important and I wished I could go).

Looking forward to: snow, Christmas, Temple Square lights, Boxing Day, more Christmas songs, Christmas break, no school, shopping.

Wish list: Christmas break to be now. For my kids to be happy. Students who care about passing and work for it. More laughter. More traveling for fun purposes, not just appointments and classes. Less time planning and printing stuff on the computer. Better sleep schedule (which der Meister would probably appreciate, also).

Do I know 8 people to tag?