Check out a blog which I credit Supermom for introducing me to which specializes in displaying photographs of cakes gone horribly wrong (except for today—Sunday—in which they are very very cute). Readers send in photos of cakes they have found or received that they find hilarious, scary, or, in some cases, just unbelievable yet true. As the owner of the site says, we’ve all made wrecks at one time or another. She’s not out to vilify anyone, just point out the funny in unexpected places. In short, she wants us to laugh (sometimes, I’m sure, at ourselves). The site can make me laugh for a good hour . . . especially when I come across the highly disturbing Santa cakes. (Quote from der Meister while trying to decipher one of said cakes, “That pink is just the wrong color for stuff.”) My favorite so far is the plastic Santa head stuck atop an odd red . . . hill? . . . with some white puffy . . . something . . . made of frosting trailing behind the head, and something that looks suspiciously like a tail. Some of the categories I’ve checked out are “Beyond Bizarre,” which has the above mentioned mysteries, “Creative Grammar,” and “Just Funny,” which has angry Santa and another of my favorites: “When Gangsters Go PC.”

So, grab your spouse, friend, or whoever shares your odd brand of humor (though I recommend previewing some of them before showing them to kids, as questions may arise), and enjoy some ridiculous, nonsensical laughter for a while. I had no idea cakes could be so funny. You might also need tissue if, like me, you are prone to cry the harder you laugh. And, no, it isn’t just because certain things seem to be funnier the closer to midnight (and beyond) it gets.

Also, keep in mind that (as is one of the rules of submitting to the site), all of these cakes were professionally made. Here’s to all of us who have ever baked a cake and can laugh at ourselves.

Cake Wrecks.