Christ the Lord is risen today! The glorious sun is shining! It was a very welcome addition to the lesson I gave today in Relief Society. Along with joining in singing the wonderful Easter hymns (I love the alleluias!) I had the opportunity to teach one of Joseph Smith’s wonderful messages, this one on the holy calling of missionary work. Where some may wonder about not getting a “proper” Easter message, I find the message of saving souls because you love them and the gospel a fitting one for this day. And spending the day with family as you watch your grandparents smile at your sweet children who run in the sun in search of Easter eggs, then sharing the tasty chocolate Cadbury eggs you find in your basket just makes the day.

This lovely day follows a lovely weekend of ballet performances of a certain too-quickly-growing-up little dancer who enchanted us with her rendition of an underwater creature in the tale of Alice following the ever-elusive white rabbit. And then on the hour-long drive home, we hear the greatest classic radio rerun ever. “You’re listening to Casey Casem’s Top Forty Countdown!” Of April 1985. The Pet Shop Boys croon out their hit “West End Girls,” Falco fell from 2 to 4 with “Rock Me Amadeus,” Robert Palmer “jumped three spots” to number 3 with “Addicted to Love,” and The Bangles held number 2 with their new hit, “Manic Monday.” Prince had the number 1 spot. And for an extra treat, the station threw in “a countdown classic extra!” with The Moody Blues’ “Your Wildest Dreams.” Wow. I thought of quite a few of you while der Meister and I laughed and bopped along to these tunes. A fun ending to a week of Spring Break. It felt great to be able to play with my kids and take care of our house and the fine people in it. : )

Happy Easter to all you fine folks!