Good morning! Welcome, students, teachers, and parents alike, to another fabulous school year!

As a few fellow bloggers have proven themselves to be capable of navigating and enjoying the YouTube channels, I have taken a spin around the dials with der Meister and—Ta da!—we found the most fabulous entertainment available, free of charge, for 10 minutes or less. (Usually less; people have little time to waste and necessities to consider: house to clean, books to read, email to check, blogs to read to get updated on others’ lives, lunch to eat . . . lunch? Oh, yeah! I wondered why we were drowsy, grouchy, and had an odd pang in our stomach.)

So, for your entertainment today, we have the following:
Incredibly cute British kids reenacting Doctor Who and Torchwood. (Fantastic use of the sonic screwdriver by “the Doctor,” and “Jack” has his reincarnating line down, “I’m fine!”) It’s cool that the parents video taped this awesome play time. See! Kids still play pretend in which old ruins are forts or castles, an oversized wrist watch can be Jack’s transporter, and an old phone both can be reimagined to be a very cool TARDIS. Forget the video games.

Here’s another one with the same kids where the Daleks attack. These are fantastic costumes and I think the kids should design their neighborhood’s Halloween costumes from now on.

While we’re on the subject of Doctor Who, check out these fantastic cakes from Cake Wrecks, the site listed in my side bar under “Weird Ones.” On Sundays, under “Sunday Sweets,” she posts photos of gorgeous cakes, often made for the kiddos. Castles, dragons, favorite book characters. This time, she devoted a post to Doctor Who. Amazing. I still think it would be cool to own a TARDIS.

And for all you awesome fellow sci fi/fantasy nerds—uh, I mean, uh, let’s see . . . aficionados (I am an English teacher and synonyms/euphemisms are my friend), here are some photos of Star Wars cakes. At least one of these is a wedding cake. Think about that.

There are two posts for Harry Potter. Love the sorting hat.

Some more fun cakes on reading.

To get back to the YouTube, this post references a cake that tries to induct a new holiday into our lives (what the baker was thinking to create such a phrase nobody yet knows). You have to watch the video (the first two minutes is all you need, really) just to see the reaction of the man at the counter. Think of who you could laugh with while celebrating this fine new holiday.

Speaking of books and odd cakes, all I can say about the pink elephant cake displayed here is . . why? (yes, pink. elephants. Oh, but check it out. It gets better.) Why the theme? Why elephants And why do I imagine Aunt Madam giggling almost uncontrollably as she serves this prize of a cake in the middle of the table to her awaiting guests? And picture Jeeves first staring, then trying to laugh unnoticed (come on, we’ve all covered it up with a cough before) as he lays eyes on this cake and watches the reaction of said guests? Personally, I love homemade cakes and appreciate all the effort. But the pirate one shown does get a bit . . . much.

And now for something completely different . . . here’s something fun and sweet I found on the YouTube. You might recognize this voice. It’s Mama K, my husband’s mum. Then go here, and here to hear a certain great music group, and here to listen to the Divine Miss Mae.

Can we navigate or what? : )