I needed a trunk. After browsing for ideas at the build-it-yourself furniture store, I decided against the $80 thing and other not-exactly-what-I-want items displayed there and decided to try my luck at the locally run thrift store. I took Lady M, an expert of this sort of thing, with me.

Finally, Lady M discovered something and called out, “Hey, will this work?”
A close look at the Bronco orange, homemade cushioned chest reveals promise. Then we lift the lid to discover the words “Trunk Locker Foot Barracks” stenciled on the underside of the lid. “Look! It’s even a military trunk.” Lady M doesn’t have to say any more. I take it home.

It seems the cushion was a favorite residing place of someone’s pet. Ugh. After removing the smelly material and foam pad, I realize I need expert advice. I call Mama K.

“So, I found this trunk that used to be army green and is a horrid orange and now has sticky junk from the residue of the foam pad. Can you help?”

“Oooh! Bring it over! I have everything. We’ll see what we can do.”

We spend an afternoon stripping the paint off of the hinges and reveal their charm. Then Mama K scrapes at the orange mess on top of the lid to discover the trunk indeed belongs to this fine country of ours.
Original green, or close to it, is restored, as is the stencil to match the clean hinges.
The Fisherman comes over. “Look what I found at the thrift store!” He looks. “Hey! I used to have a trunk just like that!”


Thanks, Lady and Mama K.