Besides the obvious answers like family and chocolate and reading and the like. Here are some fun bits, since Mama K asked.

Der Meister reading Dave Barry.

Mom E winning that “Smart A . . . leck” game, and her comment after she gave a winning answer of “Hoover Dam” : “I knew it was some dam thing.”


The silence of a heavy snowfall as I watch from inside, buried in my blanket with a book.

Ballet shoes whispering on a dance floor.

The sight of a ballerina sitting at the desk in jeans and point shoes.

Having my kids at home with me.

Having kids that love to read, and having to sign their reading logs because some other kids were inflating their own reading minutes and the teachers got suspicious.

Cats at play.


Elevensies with friends.

Those soft sugar cookies with an inch of frosting.

School and teaching.

Making people laugh and feel happy.

Finally having something to post!