Don’t drive behind an old man in a hat.

The stinkier the bait, the more fish you’ll catch.

Go to Disneyland with kids; it’s fun to watch them run around and have a fun time. And be the kids’ extra passenger on the rides that other adults are afraid to go on.

Belisle’s chocolate cake, Black Forest or otherwise, makes a good breakfast.

When traveling to California, you need red and chocolate Twizzlers, those pink mints, and Grandpa’s little blue bag.

Go to your grandkids’ games and dance performances.

Be honest, such that when you go to pick up an part at Electrical Wholesale and it costs more than you have cash on you, you can tell the guy you’ll have to come back with the check book and the guy lets you take the part anyway because he knows you’ll keep your word.

Be prepared: Keep a fishing pole in the car, just in case.

Keep extra keys for everybody so when they get locked out of their house or car, you can help them.

Savor chocolate.

If it’s not chocolate, it’s not real cake.

Watch MASH. It’s funny. And when it comes on after the news and your grandkids are still awake and at your house, they know it’s a special night indeed because they get to watch late MASH with Grandpa.

Take the freeway.

WD-40 can clean up or catch most anything.

If the medicine stings, it means it’s working.

Tic-Tacs in your pocket help you make it through those long church meetings.

Sing in the choir.

Take pride in your work whether it’s as a mechanic, plumber, or church janitor. Pass this on to your kids so they pass it on to their kids.

Give the extra onions to Grandpa.

Tickling shows you love them.

Take photographs of everything, everywhere.

Keep active, always. This will prolong your life and keep you out of the doctor’s office and hospitals.

Be friendly to the hospital staff. They like that.

The crusts of bread make your hair curly. Though I think this has, so far only worked for Curly.

Love your family.

You can always go home when you can’t go anywhere else.