An awesome summer evening is one where you get to sing along in person with a particular knight:

Even more awesome is having your kids there singing with you. Surrounded by other kids of similar age and their parents. And then, while tuning his guitar for the next song, the knight looks out among our crowd, notices the age groups we represent, and expresses his excitement that we’ve brought our kids. And they’re rocking out with the rest of us. With a smile, he greets the kids with a comment similar to, “Welcome, children, to our concert this evening.”

This is the first time this knight from the Fab 4 has performed in our state. Then he tells us that our city’s performance celebrates the 200th gig he and his current band have performed together. So, it’s even more of a party! With fireworks! And confetti!

Something else that was awesome about this evening . . . surprising your kids with this concert.

I love our cool children!