Laughter is the best kind of medicine, they say, and I believe it. There’s nothing like a good belly laugh that leaves you hurting (who needs sit ups?) and breathless with tears streaming down your face to make you feel that life is good. So, get those tissues ready and enjoy the following:

I had the great privilege to teach the story of Noah’s ark to our fine Primary kids last week. When I mentioned it to der Meister, he suggested I refer to the great Bill Cosby to research my topic. After giggling at his Noah story, we showed the kiddos the famous chocolate cake for breakfast incident and Cosby’s trip to the dentist, and we got to end the day rolling on the floor with laughter.

Needing another good dose of laughter, I shared some tales of Carol Burnett with der Meister from her most recent autobiography, including the story about her two-week stint on her favorite soap, “All My Children.” The folks at the soap created a character for Miss Burnett named Verla Grubbs, whose parentage apparently included carnival con artists and snake charmers. One day the folks at AMC decided to have some fun and invite a special guest for Miss Burnett: her good friend, the lovely Elizabeth Taylor. Clad in Miss Burnett’s familiar cleaning lady’s outfit, Miss Taylor made her entrance totally surprising “Miss Grubbs” and her costar. Der Meister found the clip on the world wide web, and we love the shock on Miss Burnett’s face as she recognizes her friend. What cracked me up most, however, is the blank looks on the women’s faces as they watch Miss Taylor walk away. The camera holds there for a good ten seconds, and if you listen, you can hear the rest of the crew laughing as Miss Burnett and her costar try to get their scene back on track.  (And you can find a skit on Miss Burnett’s famous variety show where Eunice’s Mama makes a comment about one’s “pilot light.”) Welcome to live TV, folks! I never realized soaps could have so much silly fun!

Browse (with care) the other clips featuring Cosby and the rest of Burnett’s fine crew, including the one with “Starlett O’Hara’s” famous dress—which, I learned, is now on view at the Smithsonian. Fantastic.

Enjoy your medicine and repeat dosage as needed—then share it with someone else!