Entertainment comes from various places, and for the past few weeks I’ve been given some nice gems that I felt I could pass on to interested parties.

First, to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, some words of advice from the Chinese Zodiac:

Beware of the Monkey.
The Boar is your enemy.
Watch out for Dragons.
The Sheep will bring trouble.
Avoid the Dog.

When reading these phrases on their own and out of context of their respective signs, they’re quite fun.

Next, from the mouth of babes, a child in FAL’s primary reminds us of the importance of checking our books for accuracy:

In Primary class one Sunday, the teacher explained that they were going to be reading from the Bible for their lesson. One little boy got a panicked look on his face. FAL’s quick glance confirmed that he did, indeed, have his Bible with him, so she wondered why he was panicked. Holding his Bible on his lap, the boy looked at his teacher, raised his hand and asked, “We’re going to use the holy one, right?”

And finally, the importance of learning. Our minds are amazing things and shameful to waste. And learning is wonderful. Sparky was listening to one of his radio talk shows one day when the topic of learning and memory came up. The discussion revolved around someone’s comment that there’s no reason to actually have to learn anything anymore because anything we need to know is on the internet; we just need to look it up and at the click of a mouse, there it is. Among the flaws other people pointed out in this argument, one caller called in with a comment of his own. He explained how he still remembers various information he learned from school, as well as his grandmother’s phone number, which was something along the lines of “Madison 412.” Memory not important? His opinion on why nobody can remember anything and why we’re not learning more? “Because stupid its taking up too much space.” The radio host, amid his laughter, declared it was the greatest comment he’d ever heard on the subject, and Sparky now passes that on to anyone who will appreciate it.

Now make someone else’s day and smile!