We have discovered Alfred Hitchcock—or rather, our children have discovered him while der Meister and I have become reacquainted with the witty master of suspense. A local channel airs a double feature of the old “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” each weeknight, appropriately late at night, and we have all enjoyed sitting in suspenseful anticipation waiting for that final, unforeseen storyline twist that only Hitchcock can provide.

Along with the mind-tricking stories, we love the fun witty humor of Hitchcock during the introductions of his “stories,” as well as the intrusive commercial breaks. And it’s a bonus to see some well-known faces in a small-screen role. James Coburn, Joseph Cotton, Dick York, and Peter Lorre (a household favorite) are some of the few that have shown up to entertain us during Hitchcock’s half hour of suspense.

Naturally, the master’s television show has led to his movies. We’ve been properly thrilled by the legendary “Psycho,” and the famous shower scene. I had forgotten how unnerving—and how very good—Anthony Perkins is as the awkward motel owner. We’ve watched another household favorite, Cary Grant, outrun an airplane in the famous chase scene in “North by Northwest.” Most recently, we’ve seen the “The Birds” take over a California bay, and even got to chuckle about “The Trouble with Harry” and see Shirley McClain in her debut role as the mom of a very young Leave it to Beaver. Other Hitchcock classics are, of course, in the line up.

The master of suspense should supply us with plenty of hours of summer fun, and add to the list of titles that our awesome kids can show their friends to put them on the edge of their seats (or, more accurately, behind fingers, blankets, or pillows), joining such classics as “Wait Until Dark” (which elicited appropriately ear-piercing screams of half a dozen teens and five encores of the scary scene.)

Staying up late with our kids to watch Hitchcock—yet another reason to love summer.