Just over ten days ago, a long-awaited and much anticipated goods Trader arrived in our fine city. We trekked to the store to see what was in store. And we brushed shoulders with MANY fine customers who were also familiar with this Trader and shared our excitement. (Thankfully, there was decent parking.) In fact, so many fellow traders had come, that in many areas, there was nothing but shelves. Seems we’re not the only folks who enjoy this Trader’s tasty curry sauces, salsas, and snacks (all of which were gone on opening day). But there were plenty of other tasty treats to stock up on and enjoy! And the other awesome thing about the opening party: every employee kept their calm and smile throughout the day, while at the same time being efficient and informative. It takes a special Trader’s training and easy attitude to pull that one off. Other businesses in the customer service business could take note.

The following week, der Meister visited the now-local Trader once again, and while the shelves were now replenished (with boxes stocked next to the shelves to reassure shoppers), the crowd was just as large. Apparently, this has been the largest grand opening that this Trader has ever seen, with trucks arriving daily to restock the shelves.

And they wondered if their store would be profitable in our fine city without their Two Buck Chuck.

Of course, we can still visit other Trader establishments while visiting other cities. One can never have too many bags displaying the Trader’s name. And we should keep with tradition, after all, and pay tribute to the store that introduced us to this one great Joe!